Newbies Guide in Owning a Pomeranian

goldenstarpomPomeranians are known to be playful and active dogs. They can also compete with other dog breeds when it comes to agility and speed with the added bonus of cuteness, that’s why Pomeranians or Poms are one of the great choices for dog shows and competitions.

These fast, little fluff balls actually came from large sled- dog ancestors which were bred for assisting shepherds and to stand as guard dogs. However, selective breeding made them small and more of a toy dog over time. Pomeranians are known to be lap dogs; dogs that are generally meant for just staying inside the home. Poms are also known to be dependent to their owner and they are aware of it which gives them an opportunity to be really close with their fur parents.

Before getting or having a Pomeranian puppy needs proper knowledge on how we can take care of them better and to avoid accidents especially if we have small kids inside the house who sometimes play rough with our pets.

Pomeranian’s General Temperament

Poms are known to be expressive when it comes to their affection for their owners. They enjoy playing with you, cuddling, and be close to you most of the time. They enjoy human companionship and younger pups tend to be more energetic and eager to play with you. Older dogs become more independent as they age and you can leave them alone at home when you go to work but don’t forget to make up for the time you’re gone once you get home.

When it comes to their intelligence, most of Pomeranian owner have noted that their Poms are quicker to learn tricks and follow commands than their dog breeds. Of course, dogs have different personality and intelligence but in general, Poms learn tricks quicker such as rolling over and fetching. However, several owners said that they’re having a bit of a hard time teaching Poms to sit as they are playful in nature and quite stubborn.

Basic Care Steps

Pomeranians have thick fur (so fluffy!) which can be quite a hard work when grooming it. First, your dog should be bathe with dog shampoo and conditioner only once or twice a month to avoid drying out their fur and keep its natural shine. Also, if you find a tangle on their fur, you should immediately apply a detangle solution so it will not turn into a hard mat.

If you don’t have proper knowledge or formal training in grooming a dog, don’t try to do it on your Pom as the chance of injuring your dog is high. It’s better to take them to your trusted groomer and make sure that they will also trim the fur around your dog’s anus so its feces will not stick to the fur.

You might be surprised on how fast Pomeranian’s metabolisms are so always prepare food for your fur babies as they sometimes eat up to three times in day during their adult years and of course, lots of water.

Lastly, you can use crates for your Poms to have a stress- free place where they can relax and rest when they’re tired of playing. NOTE: Never use a crate for their punishment as they will associate your anger with it and it’ll be hard for you to put them in a crate when there’s a need for it.

Most important of all, shower them with love and they will surely give it back to you.

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Welcome to Golden Star Poms!

Golden Star Poms is a small select kennel situated in Bangkok, Thailand. Over the years we have added some wonderful pomeranians to our household and have been very bless with the good results.

We do a breeding for ourselves and most often keep a puppy or two to raise, hopefully, to become our next show dog. Our aim is to breed poms excelling in breed type correct construction and movement, harsh coat and outgoing temperament.

Moreover, we have been breeding and showing Pomeranians and started shelties. Our goal is to produce Shelties that conform to the standard, strive for excellence and to produce the highest quality shelties possible.

We do a breeding for ourselves and most often keep a puppy or two to raise, hopefully, to become our next show dog. Each breeding is carefully planned to produce “keepers” to carry the Golden Star name into the conformation ring. Each litter is whelped and raised in our home with plenty of “hands on” attention from the moment they are born, as we feel this is one very essential ingredient for producing good temperaments in the Shetland Sheepdog.

All of our dogs are raised and live in the house where they are beloved pets as well as show dogs.Our Hobby is truly a dream come true.

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